Crisis consultation and management

Ouion of media crises, such that one feeds into the next in an ongoing continuum. In this situation companies must be well prepared and ready at all times to handle media emergencies that might erupt at any moment. They must map out in advance the different types of possible crises and prepare for dealing with them, adopt actions that will lower the potential risk of them happening, and identify crises immediately in their earliest stages, leading them to a quick conclusion with minimum cost.

The PR360 leadership and professional staff are among Israel’s most experienced and eminent experts in mapping and anticipating such crises, formulating rules and guiding principles for conduct during a crisis, identifying a crisis in development, and managing the crisis itself, up until resolution, with an overall systemic view of the interested parties, including clients, employees, suppliers, shareholders, regulators and – obviously – the various media. PR360 consultants define together with the organization’s management the preferred media strategy and accompany the organization as the desired activities are undertaken, with a view to minimizing the damage to image arising from the crisis and trying to extract any possible benefits.r era is characterized by a proliferat