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PR360 represents a comprehensive world-view of the system of contacts and ties that a business needs to maintain with the media world in order to create a comfortable business climate. The company has extensive expertise in most spheres of economic activity, including media, finance and banking, as well as in accompanying mergers and buyouts, and it provides full and comprehensive services including all aspects of work with the media: consolidation of media strategy; ongoing media consultation; PR and spokesmanship; digital PR; media crisis management; intra-organizational consultation; and content services management, for both commercial and public organizations and for their management. The accumulated experience of the company’s leadership also facilitates operating overseas, whether directly or through the activation and mediation of third parties, for clients engaging in international activity. Based on this broad perspective, the company works with each client to tailor a set of services uniquely suited to their needs and proportions. Thus, the client can rest assured that they are receiving full and optimal service that reflects the spirit of its brand name as well as the company’s organizational culture and its staff.

PR360 is directed by Dr. Hilik Goldstein, an expert in analysis of decision-making processes with wide-ranging experience in the fields of advocacy, representation, and media crisis management, and Aviram Cohen, who has extensive and diverse experience in positions of representation, advocacy and media consultation in the public and business sectors. The company’s staff includes consultants and customer relationship managers who are among the finest and most experienced in their field, with rich experience in working with media and with leading companies in the market.



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Services Thinking 360°

Media consultation

Expert media consultation can help a business and its interested parties to avoid mistakes arising from unfamiliarity with the rules, and to promote their image and business success.

Representation & press contacts

At the client's request and in accordance with their specifications, a PR360 consultant may also serve as spokesperson and liaison between the company and the media. PR360 consultants have ...

Public relations

Creating a positive image for an organization is no simple matter, and PR specialists should ideally handle the task. Having been active in this business for many years, PR360 consultants and client relationship...

Crisis consultation & management

Our era is characterized by a proliferation of media crises, such that one feeds into the next in an ongoing continuum. In this situation companies must be well prepared and ready ...

Senior personnel branding

We know that management is often identified completely with the organization, such that any event related to a manager or Board member has an immediate impact on the organization itself.

Content services

In our age of information overflow, content is the undisputed king of media strategy. Our experience indicates that every organization possesses a tremendous reservoir...

Digital PR

Social media and the digital world have changed our modes of interpersonal conduct almost beyond recognition, and their impact on the world of communications and PR has been nothing short...

Intra-organizational consultation

ntra-organizational communications is a most effective tool for conveying messages and enlisting the organization as a whole to achieve its aims. Via intra-organizational communications, information can be...

Company Management

Dr. Hilik Goldstein, Partner


An expert in decision-making processes with a Ph.D. from Bar Ilan University; his dissertation topic was “Macro Aspects of Decision-Making Processes”. Dr. Goldstein is a consultant to companies, organizations and senior managers in their conduct during business and media crisis, and he has extensive experience – both in Israel and abroad – in instruction, writing guidance materials and procedure, and assimilation of processes for crisis avoidance in international corporations. Over the past two decades he has engaged in communications consultancy and advice on dealing with crises, and has held various spokesperson positions, both as a company owner and as an employee, in some of Israel’s leading companies and organizations. Inter alia Dr. Goldstein has served as communications advisor to the Minister of Finance; was Vice President – Communications and Strategy for The Union of Local Authorities in Israel; and was head of the Communications Department and director of public campaigns for Policy Ltd., Israel’s leading name in the field of lobbying.

Aviram Cohen, Partner


Holds an M.B.A. and a degree in political science. Over the past two decades Mr. Cohen has filled a long series of positions as spokesperson and communications consultant for a wide range of commercial companies and public organizations. His last position was head of marketing for the Leumi Group, responsible for marketing strategy, advertising, corporate responsibility, spokesperson and public relations for the bank and its subsidiaries in Israel and abroad. Previously he served as spokesperson for the Leumi Group, and before that he was spokesperson for The Union of Local Authorities in Israel, spokesperson and Board member at Bezeq International, and advisor to the Minister of Finance.

Company Team

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Shir Golani


Holds a BA in law and an MA in public policy. Worked as a real estate lawyer and served as parliamentary advisor to MK Miri Regev. In recent years she has been specializing in communications in the economic, legal and social fields.

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