Content services

In our age of information overflow, content is the undisputed king of media strategy. Our experience indicates that every organization possesses a tremendous reservoir of original and unique content, which may be put to extensive use both within the organization and externally. Studies, surveys, analyses, reviews, special reports and other types of information are simply waiting to be utilized in an effective way. At the present time, with the great empowerment of media channels and the possibility of disseminating a message through a huge array of platforms, these materials should be put to use with a view to strengthening the perception of the organization’s professionalism, expertise, and cooperation, and enhancing its image. PR360 content experts specialize in locating content centers and experts within organizations, processing content and producing intra-organizational or external publications over a broad range of content platforms, including company newsletters, internal and external websites, op-eds, organizational blogs, social media, video clips, etc.